The Surya Panel Produces Water

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012
Internet SURYA PANEL: now Surya Panel can also be used to process the fresh water.

            The fresh water becomes the polemic in this country. Some ways have been done to overcome that case. Recently there is news that Surya panel can be used to produce the fresh water. The tool that is named by F CUBED produces the quality water easily and cheaply. This technology is introduced at the coordination meeting in Assessment and Application sector of technology (BPPT), Jakarta, last Thursday (15/3). The goal is to find out the solution about the fresh water.
            According to Innovation Director of BPPT, Ridwan Djamaludin, Indonesia government through BPPT, LIPI, Kemenkokesra cooperate with Australian company to find F CUBED. F CUBED comes out from the assumption of the society about the Surya panel. Usually people think that energy of sun is changed into energy of electricity first then it becomes the energy to purification process. While F CUBED is used without using the electricity.
                This tool is also quite simple, easy to bring, the installation does not need the electricity and can stay until twenty years long. The efficiency of Surya panel is approximately over than 60%. Ridwan said that by the sun “Surya” energy, one tool per 3 m2 could produce at least 15-20 liters fresh water and did not need the cost of other energy.(afra-surya/gsj/int/new)

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