Marina Rikhvanova Saves Lake Baikal

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012
Marina Rikhvanova
            Marina Rikhvanova is an ecologist from Russian. Nut she is also a head of an organization which goals is to save the Lake Baikal from the ecology damage threat. Because her struggle, she was awarded an environment award, Goldman Environmental Prize in 2008.
Her care to the Lake Baikal has been begun since she was still a student of University. At that time she wrote the paper about the threat of environment which came from paper factory in Baiklask. This factory had thrown its waste to the Baikal since 1960s.
            Then she created an organization to for saving the lake in 1990 with the name Baikal Ecological Wave. By this organization she began her struggle. Such kinds of challenges and threats were faced by Marina. Even the threats also came to her family. By her constancy finally the result were great, the Russian government asked the factory in Baikalsk to switch the system into the close water process.(afra-surya/gsj/int/new)

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