Find Out the Cause and Effect of Environment Damage

Riau Pos - For Us Minggu, 08 April 2012
 Khalika Jaspi: an Environment Technique student of Riau University
            The God “Allah SWT” says with the meaning “It has been looked the damage on the land and in the sea which is caused by the human mistakes, hope Allah let them to feel some of the effects of their mistakes so that they come back to right way”. This verse if we connect to the global environment issue which is very fit nowadays.

            Yes, there are the changes of environment condition drastically which we face are the results of the activities of the human itself. The close example is flood which is very faced in this Bertuah city which is caused by there are no drainages even the enough water absorption place. The place that should be the absorption is intentionally changed to the housing and shopping complex. Then the forests in Riau are cut down and changed the function to industry forest, palm and rubber plantation. The fact, besides causing flood and landslide along with making the flora and fauna in Riau forest become almost destroy and extinct.
            Human become violent for the sake of getting the big profit without thinking its effects. And there are still many environment problems around us which we do not still know and realize that we have also joined in damaging our forest conservation.
            Saving the conservation of the environment should be begun from ourselves and our own personal. For instance is using water in our daily activities. Basically water is the thing that can be found easily. But perhaps in one time water will be difficult to be found even it can be rare. Just use the water wisely such as in the things of taking a bath, washing, watering the flowers and so on. The next thing that we should do is inviting and giving the good example to the people around us in order to save our environment. Give them the good understanding and explanation how important the environment conservation is.
If there are many children around us, so it will be an easy thing to invite them in keeping and saving the environment conservation because the children will be easily understanding and imitating all activities we do such as throwing the rubbish into the rubbish bin. And if there are many the same aged people around us, the approach we need to do is studying the area directly by inviting them to go to a dirty, damaged and polluted location. Then we together research and find the information about the cause and effect produced. By doing that thing we and they have indirectly felt what have happened and will keep and save our environment from the same damage.
While if there are many older people around us, the way we will do is quiet different than before. One of them is by having the cooperation with the related officials to give the counseling and socialization about how important keeping the environment conservation.
From now let us build in our heart content to keep and save the environment conservation so the damages that have happened can be decreased and prevented for the better future. (Translated by Surya)

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