The Beetle

Riau Pos - For Us Minggu, 08 April 2012
Yusri Syam for Riau Pos

FAMILY: Curculionidae and Brentidae family (from right to left)
        The group of beetle is found by the special name in Rokan Malay language. It is often said by just beetle. The unique thing is like robot and seldom found. In the scientific side this is categorized in Curculionidae and Brentidae family. There is no too much that can be described about this insect.

Commonly this insect can fly perfectly, jump from leaf to other leaf. Shortly this insect can be said as kind of the digger of sand insect. The size of this insect is about 6mm and the biggest size is about 1.5cm.***(Translated by Surya)

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