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Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Relax: It's relax cycling with the school uniform

It is a booming time for cycling which can influence the fans of bicycle nowadays. But there is still a little teenager who does "Bike to School program". Whereas it has enough advantages we get if we choose bicycle as our vehicle to work.
What are the advantages that we can get? Why should we do Bike to School program? For that reason, Riau Pos Bike Community talked to two students who were doing the Bike to School program.

Miftahul Fauzi (18), now is a student of XII Science class of Senior High School 4 Pekanbaru. She better chooses cycling as her vehicle to school although it does not every day.
"Cycling to school makes body be health, beside that it can keep our environment along with important role that is to prevent global warming," said Miftahul Fauzi who has ever been a leader of OSIS at her school.
The man who only wants to be called by name Fauzi also said that he has been cycled to school for last two months especially on Friday and Saturday.
“For the interesting thing is we can be healthy the uninteresting thing is we must snatch the road with other riders of motorcycle or car.” added by Fauzi.
Therefore this man who also has a hobby in swimming also pray that hopefully the Pekanbaru government will provide the special way or track for bicycles.
Meanwhile according to Nia Wulan Sari, a student of Vocational High School 4 of Pekanbaru, this Bike to School program is better implemented from now in each school. For instance provide the special parking area for bicycles in each school and decide the special day going to school by bicycle.
“Taking part actively in endeavoring to save the Earth for the future life by doing Bike to School program, we have played role actively to press the pollution or carbon emition or the waste gas of motor vehicles and try to create the fresh and healthy air for Indonesia along with do the real contribution in decreasing the effects of global warming or climate change.” Added by Nia Wulan Sari or always be called by Nia who is being at XII Boutique Fashion 1 class.
For the kind of bicycle which is used by her is the bicycle with a basket. She thinks this kind of bicycle is fit with her need which the basket itself can be used as the place for her school provision. Besides the track of high way she passes every day toward her school is quiet easy. The bicycle with a basket is also fit with the young women style which tends to be simple and feminine.
By the dense transportation system, the conducive cycling activity will get many advantages which begins with decreasing the traffic jams to the increasing the quality of life which is free of pollution. It is seen by economical aspect, going to school by bicycle or bike to school surely save the expenditure of cost.(teguh-surya/gsj/news)

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