Stop Using the Bottle of plastic at School

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012

At the canteen of SMAN 1 Pekanbaru School doesn’t use the glass of plastic since the rule is made by the school about stop using the bottle of plastic at school.

The bottle of plastic is one of the rubbish that is difficult to be reused (recycled). The amount of the rubbish is uncountable; of course, it is difficult for recycler to recycle all the bottle of plastic. Many companies, researchers are trying to find the solution how to overcome this non organic rubbish, either by making the bottle of plastic environmentally friendly and making the tools how to recycle the rubbish rapidly or the rubbish is formed into new products. This, however, it doesn’t apply   maximally.

   Polymer takes hundreds of years to decompose naturally. And others, we use a polymer which is largely a synthesis or artificial plastic that is difficult to decompose. The habit of drinking in the bottle of plastic is not recommended and can disturb our health.

   The material of bottle plastic is called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) containing of carcinogenic substances. These substances are not securing if we use more. This should be warning for us, especially for the students who often use the bottle of plastic many times.

   First step how to avoid the danger of plastic. SMAN 1 Pekanbaru apply the regulations "STOP using the bottle of plastic" and stop selling the bottle of plastic that requires each student to bring their own bottle from home. This rule is applied since February 21 anniversary of rubbish’s day.

   Not only that, each classes are required to have a dispenser so that the students do not worry about water if they want to drink. Moreover, SMAN 1 Pekanbaru has a long time to study start from 7:00 am until 15:30 pm. surely the energy of student depleted of in that time.

   This regulation is one of the programs as an Adiwiyata School, in keeping the school environment. This regulation has varied responses from the society of the school. Some of students had complained because they are unaccustomed to carrying their own bottle from home, so they had to pay double if they want to drink in the canteen.

   Removal of bottle plastic packaging makes the keeper of canteen change their whole bottle of plastic with a glass, which can be used at the time and certainly more expensive because the capacity it’s quite a lot instead of the bottle of plastic in general.

   The school also conducted a raid suddenly at class, if students caught using plastic bottles and eating in class during recess time.

  "Eating in the classroom during recess time it makes the classroom dirty and we avoid using of plastic because we are quite familiar with the dangers of using plastic" said sulistia Budi, the adviser of environment SMAN 1 Pekanbaru.

   With this regulation, Budi Sulistio looks forward to the student of senior high school 1 pekanbaru more aware of and accustom for them to always keep the environment even just brought a bottle from home. This is certainly a first step to reduce for using a bottle plastic that is harmful to the environment. (Melati-taqiyuddin gsj/news) read in Indonesia

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