Knowing the Heroine of World Life Environment

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On the tree: Julia Butterfly hill is doing the protest to the companies that want to cut tree down. Julia has been staying and living on that tree for 738 days.

The Progress of the women cannot be easily supposed. The Women keep giving the color and strong in such of struggles. That is why there is the World Woman’s day is set on every March 8th. Coincide with that, let’s us know the heroines who struggle in saving our world life environment.
Begin from Dr Wangari Muta Maathai is from Africa. This black skin woman created the Green Belt organization in 1977 which goals was to prevent the erosion of the land and keep maintaining the continuity life of wood in the forest. Maathai motivated the mothers in Africa to collect the seeds of the plants, plant them along with keep the results. Because of this action, finally she was awarded as the Mother Mitii which meant as the trees mother. Maathai was born in Nyeri, Kenya on April 1st, 1940 and was died in Nairobi on September 25th, 2011 in the age of 71 years.

While from United States of America there is Rachel Louise Carson, the marine biological and also a writer whose writings often relate to the launch of the movements of global environment. In the end of 1950s, Carson changed her attention to the conservation and the environment problems which were caused by pesticide, and then she wrote “Silent Spring” (1962). Besides there is also Julia Butterfly Hill or Julia Hill who is popular with her struggle keeping a giant Sequioia tree. This tree is more than 600 years old with the height is 180 feets. This tree is threatened by the effort of logging by the Pacific Lumber Company. Julia stayed and lived in that tree for 738 days since December 10th, 1997 until December 18th, 1999. Julia Hill also created a Circle of Life Foundation which can be visited at http://www.circleoflife.org.

Not only focus on the plants, one of women environment activists, Dian Fossey focused herself on learning the family of gorilla in Rwanda for many years. Almost same as her, Dame Jane Morris Goodall, a primate expert from England who was familiar with her research about chimpanzee.

            Moved to Europe and America continents, from Asia there are many women life environment activists. Such as, Mei Ng is from China. She was born in Hong Kong and then studied the Anthropology at University of California. In the 1972, then she worked hard for creating the awareness to the environment in whole China. She also created Hong Kong’s first renewable energy seduction center as the center of the newest education energy in Hong Kong. In 2002, she was chosen as the Environment Adviser Council of the United Nations.

            From India, there is Vandana Shiva. She was born on November 5th, 1952 in India. She actives sounding about the organic agriculture. Beside that, she also starts a movements named as Navdanya where the Indian farmers participate in creating Free Zone”. This case is aimed to keep the plants living free of the chemic materials.

             From Indonesia itself, there is Yuyun Yunia Ismawati who actives sounding about the cleanness at the Bali beaches that cooperates with Bali Organization. There is also “grandparent” Harini whose complete name is Harini Bambang Wahono who struggles eradicating the rubbish in the Banjarsari village even also creates the green environment in that village. Then the Banjarsari Village has ever been the example city of UNICEF.

            That is all only a little part of the Life Environment Heroines. There are still many new heroines and sure will come over and over. Are you the next environment heroine? Keep green! (afra-surya/gsj/int/news) 

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