Slang and Minimalist by Fixie

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012
            Fixie bike is identical with minimalist style, cheap, and not nasty. Fixie bike does not have the brake, the treadle keep spinning as long the tires are spinning as well. Here is the bike which is trending at young circle until the workers. Using Fixie bike is not only as the transportation but also as a life style.

            Create the Fixie bike can be said not too easy, the components are so many and some of them can be combined by the racing bike. But Fixie bike is simpler, “like the young circle by their own style in creating and building the bike as what they want”, said Arneldi who receives the costume of Fixie bike in his workshop everyday.
            Fixie bike is identical with the bike without brake, back dynamic gear. All are made fix, the tires spin so the treadle spin as well at the same time.
            Braking the Fixie bike only rely on the strength of the treadle by holding the speed or pushing the treadle backward along with helped by the front tire.
            The tires of the Fixie bike are also thin, so it is mild when it is paddled and the other interesting thing is its handlebar. The handlebar of Fixie bike is vertically designed. The minimalist design becomes the specific feature of this single speed bike.
            “Fixie is a unique bike because we can see the different design of making process with other bikes. Riding Fixie bike has the self happiness” said Khairuly Syafrin, one of Karang Taruna member, Tampan sub district.
            The components of Fixie bike have been so cheap and many in this year. We can also change the tire with the red one or yellow milk or make the Fixie bike becomes the white, everything can be designed nowadays. About frame, it is cooler if we buy the assemble frame. Buy the plain frame then paint it as what the owner wants.
            The rim of Fixie bike has many models although its form is same round but there is the rim which is made thicker. The colors are from black and white which can be found in the market.
            “About handlebar of Fixie bike is also unique. It is made shorter so can slip among the traffic jams. It is no problem if we want to keep using the handlebar of old bike”. Added by Khairuly Syafrin or with his nick name is Ruly.
            The coolest thing of Fixie bike is able to be moved forward and backward as what we want. If it is paddled forward, of course it will move forward, and so is backward. It is informed that this bike uses the back gear with the type fix
“This Fixie bike is a unique and cute bike. It is so cool using the Fixie bike after doing activities”. Said Husnatul Fadila who is an Economic Faculty student of State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau and she has a hobby cycling every Sunday.
  Surely, because following the minimalist style Fixie bike is so mild. Its weight is around 11 kilograms. Even there is the milder one.(teguh-surya/gsj/news)

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