Starting From the Small Thing

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012

A big thing comes from a small one and this depends on the reality. As what the words say " There will not be a big thing if there is no a small one. These all surely can be implemented in such aspects of life which can give the positive and good effects to the life although we only do a small thing including the effort in conserving and saving the life environment.
In this chance I will try to explain one way and invite other people to conserve and save the life environment. It is undeniable that in conserving and saving the life environment we should start from ourselves first.
How can we invite other people to conserve and save the life environment while we ourselves are still reluctant? So do the thing that can conserve and save the environment and start it from ourselves. The thing that will be done must not be a big one which needs the big cost, time and energy as well. It’s just a simple thing such as do not use tissue and paper excessively and use the friendly things to the environment in daily activities.
After starting from ourselves, we should spread the virus of loving the environment to other people especially to the people around us. In this case we can choose whoever to join doing the small things which will be the good habit and produce the conservation of environment in the future. It will be better if we spread the virus of loving the environment to the fresh individual such as children. Why is it so? Of course there are some reasons of it.
First, children tend to have the behavior of imitating what they see and what other people do. For instance if we invite the children to separate the organic and inorganic rubbishes, they also imitate doing it. If this thing keeps doing it will be a very good habit for the children until they become adult next. It is also with their behavior and orientation in associating with their same age friends and also inviting their other friends to do the same thing.
The other thing we can do is giving the good example in conserving and saving the life environment. We also have obligation to introduce to them about the natural resources we have that perhaps will run out or extinct if they are used well. Giving the basic knowledge about life environment is essential to be given to the children. Of course the way of explaining is different with the way we do to the adult ones. We can do it simply but attract the interest of the children and the goal to conserve and save the life environment can be done by them. We can do such games, draw or paint something and so on by theme which related to environment and its conservation.
So after starting it from us first then spread it to other people. In this case the target is children because we can review from some advantages that have told before. Do not forget to convince them that although they just a small thing but it will produce the bug result for life. The big things come from the small ones.*** (Translated by Surya)

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