Eat a Pig, Fasting two days

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012

The forest area is narrows. The Sumatran tiger (tigris sumatrae Phantera) to be in a bind. Because of the conflict, the king of the jungle was arrested. They were eliminated from the habitat. Including the tiger from Gaung, Indragiri Hilir. It’s taken to the Indonesian Safari Park (TSI) in the beginning of February. In the cage elephant always eat a pig and fast two days.

Report by Mashuri Kurniawan, Minas mashurikurniawan@riaupos.co.id

Do you Still remember the tiger was catched by the big Hall Conservation of Natural Resources (BBKSDA), in the District of gaung, October 4, 2011 Indragirihilir ago? Since a month ago, because the tiger was sick, it was treated in the Arboretum Sinar Mas Forestry, brought to the Indonesian safari park.
The Tiger with a length of 120 centimeters, weight 60 Kilograms was taken February 5, 2012 and then by using the plane to the Indonesian safari park (TSI). Based on the information of BBKSDA Riau, the tiger is now being treated by a team of veterinarians, from Indonesian Safari park (TSI) Cisarua. If the animal is cured it will be brought back to Riau and released into their habitat.

The Head of the BBKSDA Riau, Bambang Dahono Adji through his assistant Muhammad Zanir SH said, the tigers being in care. The condition of tiger is unwell; therefore to anticipate the conditions, the animal was brought to the TSI for intensive care.

'' When the tiger is well, instantly taken back to Riau and released into their habitat. The tiger is well now. It's just still treated by a team of veterinarians from TSI. When the team of veterinarian said should be brought back to Riau, we immediately take it,'' said Zanir to Riau Pos, Thursday (15/3).
According to him, as a main predator in the food chain, the tiger was maintaining the population by hunting the wild animal that is under its control. Thus the balance of prey and vegetation that they eat can be maintained.

The tiger lives in nature, then let them live. Tigers have a role in the ecosystem, they control and controlling the populations in the chain. Based on ecology the tiger has important role.

Tiger has the sense of hearing and sharp of sight. Sumatran tigers are solitary animals and they hunt at night, stalking their prey patiently before attacking from behind or the side.

Public Relations Program of WWF Riau, Syamsidar said, when searching the trace of Tigers with a team of surveyors WWF Riau Program recently. The problem occurs because of the range of sumatran tigers has been reduced, as long uncontrolled of forests in Sumatra.

The data of WWF Riau Program said in camera trap, matching resulted from discolorations estimated as many as 36 tigers that still survive, in Riau. Sumatran tigers are there in four places in the Riau such as Tesso Nilo, Kerumutan, Rimbang Baling and in the corridor that connect to the areas Rimbang Baling Wildlife Reserve with bukit tiga puluh.

A Protected forest area known as a corridor of wildlife biologist between Nature Conservation (SM) Rimbang Bukit Baling and the National Park 30 (TNBT) had been broken and converted to oil palm plantations of private property. Protected forest areas have the characteristics of this mountain, destroyed by the switching function to oil palm plantations. In fact, a protected area is established by decree of the Minister of Forestry (Minister of Forestry) No 254/1984 and the Regulation of Riau province No. 10/1994 as a protected forest area was damaged and abandoned.

While the data was ever issued by the Ministry of Forestry through the assessment of population and habitat continuity or PHVA (Population and Habitat Viability Assessment) estimates Sumatran tigers in the wild around 400 individuals in 1992.

The data WWF Riau Program Sumatran tiger can breed at any time. The gestation period is about 103 days. Usually tigress gave birth to two or three cubs at a time, and at most six cubs. The new cub's can open the eyes it’s about on the tenth day. Cubs only drink its mother's milk during the eight weeks. After that they can try foods, but they suckle in five or six months.

Cubs leave the nest at the age of two weeks, and learn how to hunt at the age of six months. They can hunt alone at the age of 18 months, and cubs can stand alone at the age of two years. Sumatran tigers can live for 15 years in the wild, and 20 years in captivity.
Meanwhile, according to the data from the various institutions of government and non government  at least about 300 Sumatran tigers  but this figure refers to the estimate in eight regions of at least 18 regions identified the presence of tigers in Sumatra (Department of Forestry: Strategies and Action Plan for Sumatran Tigers from 2007 to 2017).

Viewing the Location of Sumatran Tiger observation

The Landscape around the location of Sumatran tiger observation (Phantera tigris sumatrae) surrounded by green trees.  Acacia trees, Meranti, Tembresi in the arboretum area owned by Sinar Mas Forestry Company. This Location becomes the cage of wild tiger in Riau.  The place for breeding is about 6 x 6 x 2.5 meters this cage for observation of wild tigers.

Nobody person can allow to enter the location of this observation.  The words "warning for coming near to the cage" the breeding location is clearly visible. This prohibition is intended to be included in the Sumatran tiger enclosure is not disturbed by the noise of human voices. The King of the Forest can be stressful when meet with people.

When Riau Pos visit to the location of observation on the weekend, the cage is empty. The cage bars with a distance of 5 x 5 cm since February 5, 2012 it was empty. The cage was never be captivity before by the tiger, the tiger is 2, 5 years old (the tiger in the TSI Cisarua, now).

BBKSDA of Riau, Zainur said, in the cage of each tiger is given a pig that still alive. This was done to train the wild animals to be independent, when it is realized to their habitat. For the release of habitat is choosing the nature conservation of Kerumutan, in Pelalawan.

‘’Riau Province is known as the conflict between the human being with the Sumatran tiger. Therefore, is built the place for the rehabilitation of the king of forest, before being released into the wild,'' he said.
The next story, when the tiger ate a pig, he continued, the tiger could not eat for two days. There are two officers to maintain and feed the tiger. To feed the tiger, a pig is released through a limited of the cage bars. Each feeding a pig, the tiger does not want to be seen by the officer.

In this case BBKSDA officials from Riau, Sinar Mas and the Foundation for the Protection of Sumatran Tiger (YPHS). '' We use CCTV in every corner of the tiger cage. Because, the tiger will not eat, if there are human being around,'' explained Zanir.
The Observations area of Tiger in the side there are seven Elephant.

In this observation there are seven elephants that live in the cage. This elephant is maintained by seven people (pawang). Each elephant is cared by one person. The elephant looks like a wild animal. Only with the person or keeper (pawang) the elephant can obey. The elephants were fed with pelapah pisang and leaf that are there in the arboretum location.
BBKDA of Riau, Muhammad Zanir SH said, seven elephants are the same as the tiger. Because, there is no the herd of elephants habitat entered to the settlement. Habitat is changing as a function of oil palm plantations. These conditions make the animal that is protected must alive in order to is not die because of starvation.*** translated by taqiyuddin

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