Five Advantages of Cycling for Children under Five

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Cycling is one of the favorite things for the children under five. It is seldom for us as the parent or caretaker to invite the children under five to cycle in the morning or in the afternoon. By inviting the children to cycle, without our awareness we have trained the motor ability of the children to develop. The children like it so much, when they see the bicycle, they will like it at once.
For the kinds of bicycle which can be used by the children fewer than five are various, by three tires and also for tires. By playing bicycle, it is not only to give the happiness for the children but also to give some advantages. Here area some advantages that we can get: first, by cycling the children under five will learn about the braveness and self confidence.
            Usually if the children see the bicycle at the first time, they only touch it at that moment and try to push that bicycle. Then we try to sit them on the seat of the bicycle while pushing slowly. And after that the children will try to do what we have done to them by themselves.
            Then they will try to put their foot on the treadle and move it. Until at last the children will be able to or master to use the bicycle by themselves. This process of course needs the braveness and the self confidence for the children until at last they are able to use the two tires bicycle in the next age.
           Second, cycling can open the exploration room and interaction of the children. By cycling can make the children to explore to the wider area. This case can hone the adaptation ability of the children by new environment as the capital to socialize and interact to the any environment.
Third, cycling can hone the rough motor ability. It can help or give the chance for the children under five to develop their rough motor skill. When playing bicycle the ability of foot and hand muscle will be honed when paddling the treadle at the same time to control the rudder of the bicycle.  
            Fourth, the movement of the bicycle will make the coordination among the parts of body. When cycling some parts of body; eyes, hands, and feet will balance the activity in one time, so that created the series of coordination among that activity.
            Fifth, cycling will make the children under five be independent. When cycling the children will be able to solve their problems by themselves, such as when they will have the accident with their friends’ bicycle, they will try to deflect their bicycle in order to avoid the accident.(teguh-surya/gsj/int/news)

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