Aquaduct is the Unique Bicycle and the Producer of Fresh Water

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012
Unique bicycle : this kind of bicycle is very liked by the bicycle lovers

This kind of bicycle is very liked by many people. Many societies try to create the unique bicycles. One of them is the bicycle that can produce fresh water and it is named "Aquaduct".
By winning the Google Innovate-or-die contest, this Aquaduct is created by the design given by IDEO (the winner of Innovate-or-die contest in 2008). The concepts given are transportation (like the real bicycle), filter and storage of water.
Slogan which is given by this bicycle is "Kayuh sepedanya makanya sesampainya anda di rumah anda dapat meminum air jernih", it means paddle this bicycle and when you get home you can drink the fresh water. The capacity of water that can be received is until 8 liters.
Their design team is based on the reality that at least four families need around 20 gallons of water a day to fill the primary needs. Such as, for drinking, cooking, washing and taking a bath.
Aquaduct is a very good example of technology. Like the term which is created by the Economic expert from England, EF Schumacher. He said that Economy is the important thing where to be able to draw the technology that can fill the needs of human being at the local and regional level.
This bicycle is a meeting from one of the most important basic needs that is water. The fresh drinking water explain more than 1.1 million people who do not have the access to the fresh water and more than 5,000 children died because of the disease of water.
This discovery bicycle can give the advantages to the future of the world, because it can utilize the nature wealth and as one of anti poverty programs which is carried by United Nation. It means if they find the way to do the massive production of their discovery by adding the effective fund which is passed by adding more ideas. So this discovery can also try to solve the extreme poverty cases and so the hungriness.(teguh-surya/gsj/int/new)

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