Learn about Rubbish in Swiss

Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012
Laia S.S
 Bumbu Desa/ Hotel Drego employee

            Rubbish is one thing that can disturb the beauty of nature, the cleanliness of environment and the calm of society. Even the rubbish is quiet dangerous thing. From such countries which I have ever been there such as Singapore, France and Italy, but I think the cleanest one is Swiss.

            Suppose that the curbstone is hard to find here, either in the street or in the public places. This is not surely separated from the high awareness along with the great responsibility from each society about the cleanliness of environment there.
            In this country the rubbish is always separated for instance organic rubbish is placed in one rubbish bin then there is the special bin for plastic, bottle, can, etc. Each rubbish bin is separated to its place itself.
            Even the government itself provides the rubbish bins everywhere especially in the public places. So everyone does not throw the rubbish away carelessly anymore so that the cleanliness of environment will remain maintained.
            I have ever asked to one of the citizen of Swiss, “Why does not everyone throw the rubbish away here? And the answer was so amazing. He thought that one package of candy which is thrown away will be able to damage the future fir the next generation because it can pollute the environment and so dangerous.
            Of course it makes a new question, “Can in Indonesia especially in Pekanbaru do the same thing as what Swiss does? Indeed doing this is not easy. But I am sure that we can do it if we want to be aware and begin from ourselves to keep the cleanliness. They are also the human who are same as us.
            There is no the different but it is only about thought and willingness. We do not have to go far away to Swiss to learn it but we can see how the cleanliness of Singapore. Beside that there is also an example of one city which can be said quiet clean, that is Padang. Perhaps we can learn from our neighbor there.
            I think there are several things which have to be implemented in our society to overcome the rubbish problem which never end. First, let us begin from ourselves to accustomed throwing the rubbish in its bin or place. Do not think that rubbish is our government responsibility but it is also ours. Beside that we can also do the extension about dangerous of rubbish in the public place such as school, religion place, self-supporting institution communities, or other organizations.
Not only that thing, the procurement of rubbish bin is better in its place, either in putting its position or in choosing its shape. For instance the government provides the rubbish bins in the public places and side of the road which is always passed by the general society.
Then, the most important thing is we all either common people, government, entrepreneur or the organizations should help one another and work together in order to keep the cleanliness of our own environment.
Hopefully by learning around us, our environment will be cleaner than before.(translated by Surya)

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