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Riau Pos - For Us Sabtu, 07 April 2012
internet Water Bird: In fact Indonesia is important for water bird as the stopover place.
Generally, the common society will give their opinion that the producer of monoxide gas and also the cause of Global Warming come from the motor vehicles, especially for the two and four tires vehicles.

But we do not realize that there are many planes which pass in the sky, especially in Pekanbaru which number around tens even hundreds. Of course, the smokes produced by exhaust of the planes take part in polluting the air and ozone layer. So, the more number of the planes the more contribution to our environment changes.
            This case surely cannot be out of such aspects. One of them is the growth of Economics in Pekanbaru. It is caused by the more grow the economic the more increase the airlines which open new routes and add the frequencies to fly to Pekanbaru.
            The growth of economic is also supported by kinds of facilities which are created. Such as, the development of buildings, like shops trading in Pekanbaru. Just take a look along the streets, left and right sides are full of so many shops like mushrooms which live in rainy season. 
            Moreover by built the fly over which is aimed to carry out “go green” theme. Instead of logging the trees along the separator of the streets without the real compensation such as, building the footway and bicycle track.
            Not only those things. Around the Pekanbaru city itself, the function of protected forest which are finally changed into industry plant forest, like palm. As we know that palm is not the good oxygen producer tree. But once again there is no the real compensation from the plantation company to reduce the effects of their industry activities.
If we see and imitate the western countries there, such as in Europe continent which has given the compensation like the creation of the better environment than before. Not only that, Japan applies a slick and neat pattern of rubbish disposal. Of course this becomes one of their efforts to give the compensation to the environment.
Therefore, I invite all of you especially for them who work in the sector with the biggest supply of gas and greenhouse to give the compensation to the earth, for instance by applying the “bike to work” as a daily habit. By doing this activity we can also be healthy and save our earth by decreasing the emission of gas and greenhouse from the motor vehicles. I hope, by the growth of Pekanbaru city, there will create the good environment and weather as well. So, this “Bertuah” city can be real metropolitan city which carries “Go Green” like other cities from kind of parts of world. (afra-surya/gsj/int/news)

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